Rural Development Preaching Project


logo RDPPThe aim of Rural Development Preaching Project (RDPP) is to re-establish the institution ordained by the Supreme Lord called as Daiva-Varnashramain human society. By working in this perfect system people can achieve spiritual perfection easily and naturally along with bodily, mental and intellectual satisfaction. By the observance of this system of Lord Krishna not only will the human beings attain their desired goals but also each and every animal, bird, fish, insect, tree, etc. will achieve their overall well-being.

The first step of RDPP in achieving this goal is to create a class of first-class brahmanas, or spiritually advanced people who have a deep knowledge of scriptures and a clear vision of ideal human society by which they can lead and inspire others into achieving the goal. For this and also to set up proper ideal villages functioning according to the Lord’s instructions the RDPP has commenced preaching in villages around Vrindavan in order to enlighten the villagers in Krishna consciousness. The RDPP also intends to preach in universities, towns and cities. Also, to achieve the goal of creating brahmanas the RDPP envisions commencing a Gurukula, a place for training young boys in spiritual education. By this Gurukula, however, the other classes of ksatriyas (administrators),vaisyas (mercantile men) and shudras (assistants or laborers) will also emerge. Thus the Gurukula is the pivotal part of the whole system.

The RDPP intends to first create one working model of Daiva-Varnashramasystem which is an ideal village where people will be engaged in different duties according to their psycho-physical natures with the only goal of satisfying and pleasing the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The goal of pleasure of the Lord is the common thread that binds all the different types of people into one single unit. Everyone works co-operatively because everyone understands that the goal is not to satisfy my own desires or the desires of my own family but to satisfy the desires of Lord Krishna.

In order to satisfy the basic necessities of such a village the RDPP aims to base it on a land that is reasonably fertile, near a river and having a large forest nearby. In this village the most important entities will be the cows and bulls, and next most important are the brahmanas. It isstated in the Vedic scriptures that people earn happiness by making the cows and bulls happy. Thus in order to keep all the cows and bulls happy they will be given full access to the green grass and vegetation in the forest. Food for all the people will be attained by growing various cereals, vegetables, etc. from the land by the villagers who will be having their own share of land. Thus by taking milk from their own cows and food from their own land all the people will naturally be healthy and satisfied. The lifestyle of these people will be greatly less complicated and less stressful than those of people who live in today’s cities and metropolis. The present ‘modern’ civilization is based on greed, lust, exploitation and arrogance. The aim of RDPP is to totally uproot and overthrow the modern civilization and ideals and replace it with the perfectly harmonious social structure and a sane civilization that works together for the total overall benefit of all its members, which is achieved by the singular process of making the Lord as the center or beneficiary of everything.

“There should be a thorough overhauling of the social system, and society should revert to the Vedic principles, that is, the four varnas and the four ashramas.”    – S.B. 4.29.54

This ideal prototype will then be emulated by other people at different places. Thus there will be many such villages all around and gradually the whole world will be living by this method. By the administration of the ksatriyas proper law and order will be ensured in society. Thus the Daiva-Varnashrama will be established worldwide and everyone will attain spiritual perfection and after leaving this body go back to the spiritual kingdom of the Lord where there is an eternal life of bliss and knowledge.

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