Matchless Giftshop

Matchless Gift Shop is located next to the Information Centre on the left side of the temple Parikrama Path. It is open morning and evening for visitors, or you may contact us by email at


Matchless Gift Shop has a unique selection of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International publications. We personally create a variety of gifts to fulfill the needs of the devotee community world-wide. Whether you want inspiring hand-outs for congregational members or high quality gifts for friends, we have an exclusive selection of photos, books, calendars, and diaries to choose from. Many of our publications are available only at Matchless Gift Shop. Devotees are often amazed how original and innovative our products are. Special wholesale rates are available for bulk orders. To order these items within India contact   For book orders outside of India see

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Some of the popular items you will find at the shop:

Bhagavad Gita Wisdoms Cards (available in English, Hindi, and Russian)
Prabhupada Meditation Calendar and Diary
Goloka Vrindavan Calendar and Diary
Hare Krishna Calendar and Diary
Bhagavad Gita Meditations Calendar and Diary
Vrindavan Art Book and Cards
All-Attractive Krishna Portfolio
Cintamani-vani, Transcendental Gems of Wisdom
Prema Stuti, Hymns of Love
Sri Krishna Lila Art Book
Sri Krishna Janmastami
Gopal, Protector of the Cows
Vaisnava Tales
The Auspicious Month of Kartika
The Sacred Month of Purushottam
I Am
I & Mine
Why Am I?
I am a Good Person, Why am I Suffering?
Param Padam Children’s Game
Jaya Sri Nrisimhadeva Children’s Game
Who Am I? Children’s Book
Assorted Folding Altars
ISKCON Vrindavan Deity photos
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Art Card Collection
Karuna Stationery Products
Devotional Notepads, Journals and Greeting Cards