Travel Assistance

Welcome Center

ISKCON Vrindavan has a Welcome Center, located to the left of the Temple just besides Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi as you approach the main temple entrance. Here you can find assistance regarding all kinds of travel and tour arrangements as well as foreign exchange. Please write to us regarding taxi booking, travel assistance and guided Vraja tours(parikrama), this is our contact emailĀ



You will need to get a visa before you arrive in India. These are available from your local Indian High Commission or Embassy. Most visitors will get a six month tourist visa which is not extendable. If you intend to stay longer than six months then you will need a longer term visa which will require more substantial supporting documentation as to the purpose of your visit. If you do stay for more than six months you will need to register with the local FRO office in Mathura Kotwali Road within 14 days of your arrival in India. Once you have registered in a specific place you are expected to remain at that place, and not be traveling all over India. If you move from one place to another, i.e. from Vrindavan to Mayapur you must transfer your registration to the local FRO office.

Traveling to Vrindavan

The most convenient airport for coming to Vrindavan is Delhi . The two other commonly used airports are Mumbai and Kolkata. Trains are available from both Mumbai and Kolkata to get you to Vrindavan. From Delhi airport you can get a taxi directly to Vrindavan. Taxis are available at the airport or you can arrange for a taxi from Vrindavan to pick you up, this is a better option as you are less likely to be cheated. The Welcome Center can arrange for a taxi to pick you given a weeks notice by e-mail (, or if you know someone in Vrindavan they can arrange it for you. You should expect to pay about Rs. 2500 for a AC small vehicle which can accommodate 3 persons. A big vehicle will cost Rs. 3200 and can accommodate 6 people. These rates include toll tax but not the airport parking charges.

You can also get trains from the center of Delhi to Mathura, you will then need to get an auto rickshaw or taxi to Vrindavan, the train should cost no more than Rs.200 (non ac), the auto rickshaw from Mathura should also be no more than Rs.200.

Buses are also available from Delhi, some buses come into Vrindavan, otherwise you will have to get off the bus at Chatikhara and then get an auto rickshaw to Vrindavan. The bus from Delhi should be no more than Rs.150.

From Kolkata there are no good trains direct to Mathura. You can get the Kalka Mail train to either Tundla or Aligarh and then get a taxi or bus to Mathura/Vrindavan, second class sleeper will cost about Rs.700 and 3 tier AC will cost about Rs.2000. Another option is to get a train to Delhi and then come to Vrindavan as detailed above.